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Hi! I'm Annika and it's a pleasure!


How I got into hair is a mystery. All I know is I loved putting tin foil & bleach in people’s hair &  talking with people is my thing. When I’m in the salon it’s not only the artistry of a highlight, root touch up & haircut, it’s the happiness that is multiplied by the beauty of others. A great shampoo can not only relieve stress and melt away tension, but change your day. The salon is truly my happy place. 

I love to travel, go to concerts, hang with friends, try new eats & read -  nonfiction or the latest People Mag! My family is important to me & we get to see each other a lot considering we are spread across the country.  I always ask people where they are from & how they grew up; knowing the hows & whys has always interested me.


Going to school for hair was the road less traveled. I had no idea it would bring me to where I am today. I have worked at numerous salons in Arizona refining my color skills with education, creativity, kindness & passion. When I’m not in the salon I love catching up on Bravo, riding my bike to restaurants, popping in to a group fitness class, cooking, & spending time with my friends & boyfriend. If you know me, you know all summer long I live for a pool or lake day!




See you in my happy place!

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